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A complete ecommerce website launch checklist

Launching a new website or an application is often very exciting process with a lot of things to do, approaching deadlines and last-minute changes. In this volume of tasks developers and managers usually forget about many small things that may affect the release a lot. Below is the list of such things we created based […]

How to calculate real cost of employee

Employees vs. Independent contractors: do you know the real price of hiring? Have you ever thought about the real hourly cost of employees in contrast to independent contractors? Global experience has shown that it’s hard enough to calculate your expenses exactly. To make the right call you should know about possible hidden costs.

Top 7 Reasons Why Startups Fail

There are thousands of startups launching every month by people who think that they have a great idea to share with the world and probably to disrupt the economy. And when looking at such ideas we can admit that most of them are really good, at least they sound this way.

Gamification in E-commerce

Playing games is a good way to relax and have fun. Origin and etymology of the word “game” goes back to the meaning “amusement”. People play games to entertain themselves or for educational purposes as games cause positive emotions and keep you highly involved in a certain activity. Nevertheless, the use of game principles and […]

Questions to Reach Marketing Success in E-commerce (Infographic)

Think about your place in the e-commerce world. No matter what your current situation is, marketing plays the leading role. So make sure that you have positive answers to these questions. 

Lights, Camera, Action! Using Video in E-commerce

Can product videos improve sales? Yes, definitely. They can improve sales and attract larger audience to your products. Are videos widely used by retailers? No, not really. How come? Why is it a no-brainer to most e-commerce owners? It is difficult to give a definite answer. Perhaps, product videos are disregarded due to some “common […]