Vizibal is an online e-commerce application used in the marketing and advertising industry.


Challenge and Outcome

The main idea was to create a marketplace that would offer advertising spots for sale, both printed and digital.  The marketplace was intended to connect seekers (buyers) with advertisers (space providers).


iKantam developed Vizibal marketplace.

It functions as an effective marketplace that sells ad spots such as: road side billboards, painted building walls; outfield billboards, arena and stadium naming, park naming; local festivals, charity events; mass transit stop ads, school location advertising, bus wraps, mobile ads; sports tournaments and team sponsorships.

Anyone is able to post their listings to sell, and anyone (including advertisers) can also act as buyers. The portal saves time and efforts for both advertisers and sellers.

  • Secure payment and payout system integrated
  • A complete cloud back end delivered for best performance
  • Responsive design created to support all devices

Skills Involved

  • A complex ad spots marketplace and e-commerce portal
  • Transactions processed via Stripe with Escrow system, ensuring simplicity and security for users
  • Simple and intuitive navigation. All parties are able to go through a complete end-to-end process from purchase to delivery of product
  • Front-end is optimized to work with all existing devices
  • Advanced search functionality to improve user experience
  • Advanced calendar functionality to make the booking process as fast and flexible as possible