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food delivery app

How to Develop On-Demand Food Delivery Application

Today our modern lifestyle is characterized by striving to the highest productivity, effectiveness and fast tempos. We are always in a hurry as if constantly being under pressure. Thus, our lives are teeming with rapid emails, shortest time spans, most favorable and lucrative opportunities, fast food and so on. In other words, we tend to […]

Tips for Finding a Great Designer to Customize Your eCommerce Website

Nearly every eCommerce platform today comes with a selection of free and premium themes, allowing you to quickly apply a design to your website. You can often apply customizations to them yourself, although this isn’t always easy beyond simple things like background images and colors. Still, with a little work, many online store owners have […]

How to select color scheme for mobile application

  The websites and mobile applications that provide professionally correct combination of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are always beyond competition. These are the key to gain confidence of customers and consequently get brand recognition and increase conversion rate.   To make application really user friendly is an important issue that impacts Internet […]

Top 5 tips for designing smooth checkout process

Today having a business without an existing website is much more like not having that business at all. More and more people strive to create their own websites and it is not only about up-to-date trends. Business owners are not the ones who appreciate the advantages of websites` creation – customers also get great benefits […]

Top 5 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Scripts of 2018

  With an incredible success of Amazon and Ebay, both small and large businesses` attention is being increasingly focused on Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Scripts. People buy it as a package that provides partially free setup. Thus vendors avoid developers` support stage. Such packages already include ready-to-use dashboard that provides the possibility to adjust the working […]

Top AR startups 2018

  Augmented reality has been experiencing constant growth during throughout last few years. Together with VR, Augmented reality revenue is projected to increase to more than £130 billion in 2020. So there is no doubt that such marketing strategy is the future of e-commerce and otherwise. We prepared top 8 most interesting and useful augmented […]