At Ikantam we developed an unique p2p marketplace solution for local food experience. People who visit a new place can get local food experience by visiting authentic places. Solution allows to browse all hosts, specify dates and make online reservations with payments.


Our team successfully launched a unique p2p marketplace that functions just like Airbnb but operates in slightly different niche. The core function of it is to allow travellers to get authentic in-home dining experience and connect with local cooks. Platform allows to search for hosts across the globe, see reviews, menu and other features of each host and make online reservations. It is free for host to create a profile and start accepting bookings from customers, platform charge only a small fee of each transaction.

Challenge and Outcome

It was a new type of ecommerce solution with extreme uncertainty and we had to gather a lot of information and analyzed several possible solutions before we come to a development plan.


We have developed the marketplace to enhance dining experience.

NativeFoodie is not just a marketplace, but a big community that helps to share culture through food and conversation. Each user can be either a guest or a host. Depending on the chosen role he has his own experience and can interact with other users.

Skills Involved

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • AWS
  • Stripe API
  • Paypal API
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • Google API