Verlene’s is a platform that includes a marketplace for beauty professionals who can sell and schedule their service for customers and an e-commerce store of beauty products.


Verlene’s was envisioned a complex beauty platform that would connect professionals and customers. The main idea was to provide the customer with the best service offers from beauty experts and top cosmetology goods.


Challenge and Outcome

Social Network of beauty professionals and the main store were introduced to connect customers and service providers.

Now clients may search for high-quality beauty items and offers. Licensed beauty experts are encouraged to promote their services to a wide range of clients.


  • Complex marketplace and e-commerce solution
  • Advanced search functionality to improve user experience
  • Affiliate system for salons and shops
  • Payment system integrated

Skills Involved

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS
  • REST
  • EC2, RDS, S3
  • Authorize. Net API