Rental Marketplace
Another kind of marketplace where the owners can rent out their goods when they’re not using them and borrowers can get something for temporary use and save money
Solution Details

Rental Marketplaces (also knows as peer-to-peer marketplace, peer-to-peer renting, person-to-person rental, P2P renting, collaborative consumption) are really booming right now.

An online rental platform joins people and businesses together online to deal with each other directly without the necessity to use slow and expensive mediator.

People have been renting from each other for a long time already. Why renting? Because there is no need to buy something you don't need to use very often, as it will mostly collect dust in your garage. The consumption of resources is also getting descreased, since when you are renting or sharing something, you don’t motivate the manufacturers to produce more.

There is also a social side of renting. Today, most people don’t even know who is living next door, so renting or sharing things, even with people we've just met online, allows us to make useful connections.

Why Do You Need Rental Marketplace Software?
  • Fully customizable open source code of e-commerce platform.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive rental solution to bring owners and renters together. Advanced software functionality provides useful and interesting features for all parties.
  • Get both sharing and borrowing features in one account, be who you want to be.
  • Owners can post items, check the sharing status of their items, chat with the renters, etc.
  • Renters can borrow items for a certain period of time via the calendar, chat with the owners, etc.
  • Our team is happy to bring more fetures to your own store to make it unique and different, just provide us with your requirements/ business ideas and we will convert them to something wonderful.
What Do I Get?
  • Powerful e-commerce platform with advanced rental software functionality.
  • Professional installation service to your server.
  • ]
  • Great support and possibility to customize your rental platform.
  • One-time payment, no hidden fees.

I think they’ve performed very well. Their team is very knowledgeable, especially in the e-commerce space. I was looking for a partner who could challenge my thinking and also bring ideas to the table, which is often hard to find in an outsourcing company. They do all of that, which is unique.

Reham Fagiri,, online furniture marketplace

Very Professional, Efficient, and High Quality Development. Completed all work successfully and promptly according to deadlines. Very good communication; all issues were addressed immediately.

Joseph Polyak,, precious metals marketplace

They took business deliverables and converted them in to technical requirements and implemented per our instructions. They took our vision and built a website that met our expectations.

Tyler McBeth,, ad spots trading marketplace

The team is easy to reach and acts quickly. Even with the time zone difference, I never felt like I couldn't reach someone when I needed help. It's a very collaborative relationship and I enjoy working with the team--even when we're trying to fix something that's broken.

Amber Gunn Thomas,, custom made kids’ clothing

Contractor has done an outstanding job on multiple projects and I definitely recommend to other providers!

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