The Main Appeal of Buyback Ecommerce

It is always exciting to use the latest technology and be the first one to try its benefits. Try to remember buying your first laptop or making the first cellphone call. How many years have passed since then? And look at all tech junk left behind each time you buy a new device. In most cases it’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

On average, Americans replace their phones every 22 months according to The New York Times. So it made 150 million mobile phones disposed in 2010. There is no doubt that these number keep growing each year with the increasing number of new gadgets introduced worldwide. Read more

Top Ruby on Rails eCommerce Platforms

Content management systems are developed to simplify many things on the Web. We have already checked several popular Ruby platforms that do a great job.

But what about E-commerce? Is there are any decent CRM in Ruby on Rails to compete with similar solutions available in other programming languages?

Let’s have a look and review the most prominent ones. Read more