• Crowdfunding Marketplace

    A great solution for those who are looking for a crowdfunding, marketplace and product designer soutions, all in one


Today it is very hard to impress someone. All industries are trying to attract and hold customers by offering new features and services. In e-commerce industry, it is not enough already just to obtain a free website with the shopping cart from some provider that offers to “make your own website for $10” thinking this website will make you a millionaire in some weeks. Your product can be great but who will know about it? Your product can be great but the customers hardly will want to purchase it if they will see a standard shopping cart with a standard design – it is all too boring for them.

Make their shopping experience a game, entertain your shoppers. Have you ever dreamed to launch a website that will be interesting for the users? You can make them loyal not only with the great quality of the products that you sell but also with the great qulaity of your shopping cart software. Crowdfunding script includes multiple useful and interesting features that are demanded on the market and can improve customer shopping experience: crowdfunding solution will allow to launch fundraising campaigns (like Teespring); marketplace solution will allow to participate both parties who wants to sell and who wants to buy; Product Design Engine will make the seller an artist – not every seller can say he is an artist 🙂 – by providing him with lots of product designing tools and allowing him to design cases, clothing, wall art, drinkware, stationery and much more.


  • Makes user shopping experiece a game
  • Several open-source soluitions in one package: crowdfunding platform + marketplace + product designer tool.
  • Advanced software functionality providing useful and interesting features for those who buy and those who sell.
  • The product configurator uses up to date technology – HTML5/ CSS3 canvas
  • Our team is happy to bring more fetures to your own store to make it unique and different, just provide us with your requirements/ business ideas and we will convert them to something wonderful.


  • E-commerce crowdfunding platform with adavanced product customization functionality.
  • Professional installation service to your server.
  • On-going support and possibility to customize the platform.
  • One-time payment, no hidden fees.