• Custom eCommerce development services

    Do you have an idea about interesting and unique eCommerce web application but do not know how much efforts and resources it will take? We are here to listen and help you to succeed.


  1. First of all, we make a business analysis and collect client’s requirements/ ideas/ thoughts. Then, we are connecting the customer needs with our services or products that we offer.This step is very important in Software/ Web development industry because the products and services are often heavily customizable as well as because the requirements of different customers are often unique.Thus, our business analyst will understand and closely analyse the customer requirements, develop an initial view of the solution the customer needs, then tailor the product or service of our company to meet what the customer needs, explain this solution to the customer, help close the deal and will finally stay on to ensure that the delivery team will provide the intended solution.
  2. After the customer requirements and needs are defined, the project goes to the development department that provides the full-stack ecommerce web development services cycle: ecommerce website development, website design, websites templates development, custom scripts development, ongoing support and maintenance.
  3.  In addition to the e-commerce development services, we have our own pre-built products that are distributed as open-source and SaaS solutions. There are a number of custom Scripts in our portolio. They can always be customized and improved on request to meet customer’s needs.
  4. We are also experienced with complex APIs development (SOAP, REST) and 3rd side APIs integration. So let us know if you require to integrate your ecommerce website with some POS serivce, or warehouse, or inventory/ order management software, or shipping carrier, or payment gateway, or any other 3rd side solution that provides an API.
  5.  No one likes slow websites, so we also provide website speed/ performance optimization services. We deliver valid and optimized HTML code; we also also experienced with server-side caching tools installation and adjustment (Redis caching tool, Memcached, Varnish software, Deflate, GZIP), web-server configuration (Apache, Nginx), compressing/ minifying/ merging/ optimization of CSS/ JS files, and more.

To sum up, custom web app from scratch will allow us to provide user friendly and clean design to improve shopping and website management experience. It is a more beneficial, user friendly and convenient solution, since a custom project will really help to make further ongoing development and adding new features more flexible.

Our preferred tech stack for e-commerce development is LAMP (incl. Zend, Symfony, Rails frameworks); but we are not limited with that tech stack only; you can find more services at http://etailerlab.com/services


We have been developing and designing eCommerce websites since 2010. Have got vast experience with custom e-commerce solutions of different types and for different industries (marketplaces, crowdfunding/ fundraising software, flash sales, subscriptions, group buying, rentals, buybacks, food delivery, etc). Our skilled and professional web developers and designers make it possible to deliver and bring to life even the most challenging eCommerce projects.

  • Expertise: have experienced eCommerce developers on board.
  • Business Analytics: our consultants and managers are always happy to collect your business requriements and provide free consultation and free quote.
  • Flexibility: you can hire a dedicated development team or individual developers.
  • Benefit: we have worked out our development approaches that will allow you to reduce costs significantly. Our experience has proven that our approach brings flexibility and takes to project success.
  • Scrum, Scrum, Scrum: minimum project documentation at the early stage of the development; control project progress and budget on a biweekly basis or even more frequently (not when only the entire project is complete)
  • Support: we prefer long-term partnership to one-time jobs.

What should you do next? Get free consultation and hire our eCommerce development team for the development of simple and complex high-end ecommerce solutions.

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