• Magento Development Services

    We are professionally involved in Magento ecommerce development, from simple configuration to advanced custom Magento websites and solutions.


Have been working with Magento platform for years and by the moment have successfully delivered multiple complex ecommerce websites powered by Magento 1 and 2 (Community and Enterprise Editions). Our expertise and experience with Magento includes: Magento setup, optimization and development of Magento websites, Magento themes, Magento templates; Magento web design (UI/ UX); custom magento extensions, integrations and version upgrades, incl. Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x data migration.

We can deliver not only a standard ecommerce website with out-of-the-box Magento features, but have got vast experience customizing Magento ecommerce websites and themes. The competence is really extensive: marketplaces, crowdfunding/ fundraising solutions, flash sales, subscriptions, rentals, buybacks, group buying, repair services, etc


There are a number of custom Magento extensions in our portolio. They can always be customized and improved to meet customer’s needs, so don’t worry if you can’t find some feature in one of our extensions that seems interesting for you, just contact us, get free consultation, free quote and enjoy your improved solution.


Sometimes people have specific requirements to their Magento projects and can ask for a specific 3rd party solution/ API integration that does not have a pre-built extension yet. We are also ready to help you with that, since very experienced with complex API integrations. For example, you may require to integrate your Magento shop with some POS serivce, or warehouse, or inventory/ order management software, or shipping carrier, or payment gateway, etc.

One more important and major aspect of Magento development Website speed/ Performance optimization. We are very careful with the code quality we deliver, experienced with server-side caching tools installation and adjustment (Redis caching tool, Memcached, Varnish software, an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites), web-server configuration (Apache, Nginx), full page cache modules, compressing/ minifying/ merging/ optimization of CSS/ JS files, Magento compilation and caching tools, and more.


  • Expertise: have Magento Certified developers on board.
  • Management: our magento consultants and managers are always happy to collect your business requriements and provide free consultation and free quote.
  • Flexibility: you can hire a dedicated Magento team or individual developers.
  • Benefit: we have worked out our development approaches that will allow you to reduce costs significantly. Our experience has proven that our approach brings flexibility and takes to project success.
  • Scrum, Scrum, Scrum: minimum project documentation at the early stage of the development; control project progress and budget on a biweekly basis or even more frequently (not when only the entire project is complete)
  • Support: we prefer long-term partnership to one-time jobs.

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