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Top E-commerce Books and Blogs for Freshman Entrepreneur

What was the last time when you bought anything online? Whether it is some gadget, items of clothing or food – we use online stores a lot. Why? They are convenient, they save our time and very often such stores may save our money (especially during certain discount campaigns or limited offers you cannot refuse). […]

Artificial Intelligence Makes It Personal in E-commerce

This week Google has presented its Google Assistant, a smart virtual helper with the whole set of useful functions. So, in addition to Siri and Cortana there is another big player in artificial intelligence sphere. Here’s how Google explains its new assistant: “The assistant is conversational – an ongoing two-way dialogue between you and Google […]

Top Features for Ecommerce

Building an e-commerce website requires time and efforts. No matter whether you decide to use CMS solutions with ready templates or tend to build something unique from scratch, it is important to consider certain features that are a must for any e-commerce store. In this article we will focus on the most essential ones, though […]

The Main Appeal of Buyback Ecommerce

It is always exciting to use the latest technology and be the first one to try its benefits. Try to remember buying your first laptop or making the first cellphone call. How many years have passed since then? And look at all tech junk left behind each time you buy a new device. In most […]

Top Ruby on Rails eCommerce Platforms

Content management systems are developed to simplify many things on the Web. We have already checked several popular Ruby platforms that do a great job. But what about E-commerce? Is there are any decent CRM in Ruby on Rails to compete with similar solutions available in other programming languages? Let’s have a look and review […]