Top Features for Ecommerce

Building an e-commerce website requires time and efforts. No matter whether you decide to use CMS solutions with ready templates or tend to build something unique from scratch, it is important to consider certain features that are a must for any e-commerce store. In this article we will focus on the most essential ones, though certainly there are many more of them.

Clearly stated information and search navigation

Make sure that your online store contains clear information and high-quality crisp images. No customer needs to be all at sea trying to figure out where to find necessary items.



Simple and intuitive design is preferred. Don’t overload your website with complicated structure and annoying pop-ups. By overcrowding the store you may lose potential shoppers.



Technically it is possible to have online store without any shopping carts. In this case customers are directed right to the checkout. However, it is not the best approach as the shopping cart is an essential part of online shops: they allow customers to review and edit their potential purchases, add more items to buy. Lack of shopping carts deprives clients of such possibility.


Live chat

Live chats encourage communication with your customers. It’s a good way for a quick question and support. Besides, live chats make shoppers feel more important and valued.


User reviews

Trustworthy user reviews increase sales as potential customers are more likely to make a decision based on references or positive reviews from other customers.



Blogs allow to drive more traffic to your online store. Besides, blog presence increases website credibility and attracts more leads.


Discounts, freebies, gift certificates

Everyone likes discounts and gifts. Running various discount campaigns is “doomed” to attract more customers to your online store.


Social commerce

The more you share your items on social media the better. It improves SEO and drives more traffic to your online store.


Mobile site, responsive or mobile app

The ideal website should be available and look great everywhere: desktops, mobile phones and tablets. There has been a considerable increase in mobile sales over the last years. This fact cannot be ignored by store owners.


Free shipping

It is a good approach to make your customers spend more money. By saving shipping costs they are more eager to spend money on your products.


E-commerce business is booming worldwide which results in a big number of new online stores. There appear new trends and solutions. However, in spite of this it is always worthwhile keeping certain e-commerce standards.