Top 5 CRM for ecommerce

As you established a company, your main goal is to attract more clients. As you got many clients, your task is to maintain their attention to your company. That’s why it’s crucial to know about their needs and preferences. But another question is how to get all that information and how to store it. That’s what CRM solutions are for. So, let’s figure out what CRM solutions are.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a notion which includes various technologies and tactics which are used to gather and manage all the information about the clients in real time: contact information, buying preferences, purchase history and so on. The main advantage of CRM is that it provides you with managing of information, support and communication with clients, analytics and holding email marketing campaigns.

Now let’s go through Top 5 CRM for ecommerce.

Zoho –

Zoho will help you in making a good rapport with your clients, getting all the needed information about them and having an access to it in real time. It has many branches such as Zoho Connect, Zoho Expense, Zoho SalesInbox and many others. So these apps give you an opportunity to run your entire business.

Salesforce –

A cloud-based application Salesforce is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, provides you will all the necessary marketing services and helps you to be in connection with your clients 24/7. It offers many options according to the sphere of your ecommerce business.

Hubspot –

Ecommerce CRM Hubspot offers you every possible tools to control your business. Its thing is that it allows you to use templates in order to analyze your audience and choose an appropriate way of interaction with your clients. Another great feature is an option of recording your calls so you’ll be able to listen to them one more time and make sure that you understood the words correctly.

Act! –

This CRM solution will be nice for small businesses and individuals. It allows you to store the full information about your clients, to group them in a database and stay in connection with them within the whole day. It’s available for Windows and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Microsoft Dynamics –

Microsoft Dynamics lets you cooperate with your clients in the most effective way. Having an option of installing on Windows computers, it will give you all the necessary tools and editions, such as Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, Project Service Automation, Customer Insights and so on.